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Your Guide to the New ShopSense

We're so excited to announce that the new tools are officially launched! Many of you have already tested the new features on ShopSense beta, but if you didn't have the chance, here's a handy cheat sheet to help you find all the tools you know and love.

To build a widget:
If you used the Interactive Widget Builder, now you'll build a Quicklist to generate a widget with the new Widget tool.

    1. Search for the items you'd like to add to your widget on the ShopSense Search page or click My Faves to use one of your existing lists.

    3. In ShopSense Search hover over the item you'd like to add and select Add to Quicklist. (Tip: drag and drop items in your Quicklist to reorder them!) 
    4. Click the Widget button in the top right corner to customize your widget for your blog post, sidebar, or shop page.

    To create a link:
    If you used LinkStar, the process is very similar with the new Bookmarklet tool:

    1. First install the updated [Bookmarklet].
    2. Launch the Bookmarklet on any participating retailer's page.
    3. Click the Copy Link button.

    If you used the Link Tool, bookmark the updated Link Builder:

    1. Click the button in the top left corner of your screen to open the drop down menu. 
    2. Select the Link Builder.
    3. Paste in a retailer or product page link to affiliatize it.
    4. Copy the link and paste it in your blog post, or to any social channel.

    Create a link via Search in ShopSense:

    1. Search for the item you'd like a link to on the ShopSense Search page
    2. Place your cursor over the item and select Copy Link

    We hope the new design and streamlined functions will save you time and make blogging easier and even more fun. Happy linking!

    The ShopSense team