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Get Analytical With the ShopSense Dashboard

The most successful bloggers treat their blogs like a business. Do you? To grow your readership and increase your earning potential, set objectives, get to know your readers, and track your growth. We make this process simple with the ShopSense Insights page.

— Learn which retailers, brands, products, and channels perform best and which days of the week your readers, fans, and followers are most engaged. This way you can double down efforts where you're seeing the best results and make your time spent blogging more efficient!

— Track your earnings over time and compare them to your earnings from the previous period. Are your numbers down? Are you posting less frequently or neglecting your usually active Pinterest account? This graph will help point you in the right direction.

— Use Top Brands and Top Retailers to learn the price point where your readers respond best. Do you see tons of clicks on J.Crew items but very few on Valentino? That's a valuable lesson learned.

— Determine whether your links or widgets are performing better by tracking revenue from the products you include in each form. Are your readers loving your widgets but largely ignoring your links? Time to shift your strategy!

Diving into your data is not only fun, it's essential to blogging like a pro. Visit your Dashboard to get started, and send any questions our way as you explore!

The ShopSense team